How to buy

What do you need to buy your tickets online:

• Full name of the passengers.  ID card or passport .

• Credit card, debit card, or Mercado Pago account.

• An email address to receive the E-tickets.


Service Finder

Enter the service finder. Choose origin, destination, and date, then select the time and company.

Who is traveling?

Complete the passenger information.

Reserve your seat

Choose where you will be seated on your outbound and/or return journey.

Payment methods

Please select the payment method and proceed to enter the cardholder's information for the credit or debit card.


Make your payment and your e-ticket will appear for boarding. You will receive a copy of the payment and your e-ticket in your email inbox.

Travel day

Present yourself directly on the bus with your ID card, or passport. The conductor will ask for your E-tickets, and you're good to go. Happy travels!

To start your purchase, press the following button: